PPGEDUC, in partnership with the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN), held on April 30, 2016 the Regional Meeting to Safeguard Capoeira in Pará (Tocantins Region Stage). This event is part of a set of actions aimed at enhancing, promoting and guaranteeing the material and social means of transmission of the Capoeira Masters and Capoeira Rodeo, which were registered in 2008 as Brazil's immaterial cultural heritage, to be elaborated from the dialogue and participation of the Capoeira safeguard plan in the state, in order to guarantee the population's encouragement in the protection, safeguarding, valorization and usufruct of the cultural patrimony. The meeting was attended by capoeiristas from the municipalities of Abaetetuba, Acará, Baião, Barcarena, Cametá, Igarapé-Miri, Limoeiro do Ajuru, Mocajuba, Oeiras do Pará, Tomé-Açu and Thailand. It also had undergraduate and graduate students as well as elementary and middle school students. All of the municipality of Cametá.