Throughout its four years of existence, PPGEDUC has been consolidating a qualified training of researchers at postgraduate level in education and culture in the Tocantins-Amazon region, positively impacting its visibility in meeting the training demands in several municipalities of Pará, such as those in the municipalities of Mocajuba, Baião, Abaetetura, Igarapé-Miri, Marabá, Altamira, Belém, Castanhal, Bragança, among others located and municipalities of other states, such as Amapá and Tocantins.

Professors and students of the Education and Culture Graduate Program develop activities aiming both at improving their master's degree, through the National Seminar of Post-Graduation in Education and Culture at the University Campus of Tocantins / UFPA and Worksop of the Master Course in Education and Culture, and the dissemination of this program at national and international level. The configuration of the official page of the Program in the internet network housed in PROPESP / UFPA website greatly favors this visibility. The dissemination of the academic activities of the program is reality and updated on the PPGEDUC website (, as well as on the social network FACEBOOK ( the recommendations of CAPES, presenting the main topics, namely: presentation of the course, history, objectives, research lines, disciplines offered, academic calendar, faculty (address of Lattes curriculum and e-mail), students, , disclosure of the Master Selection, reports and address for contact, news, publication of the calendar of qualification and dissertation defense, and publication of dissertations on the program page. Likewise, in addition to posters and folders of events of PPGEDUC, aiming to publicize the activities that this program has been producing, the Annals corresponding to the National Seminar of the Education and Culture Graduate Program of the University Campus of Tocantins / UFPA-Cametá, as well as the publication of an electronic book (in press) containing the lectures and conferences of the IV National Seminar of PPGEDUC held in 2017.

The good visibility of the program in terms of research groups, academic productions and finished dissertation productions has led to the inclusion of PPGEDUC researchers in several postgraduate program environments outside the state of Pará, with the participation of faculty members in examining boards qualification and defenses of Masters and Doctorate, co-orientation, participation as guests to give lectures and conferences in regional and national events. This qualitative visibility of the program in the region has aroused the interest of other researchers in developing research partnerships with groups of researchers of the PPGEDUC.