The creation and maintenance of a Graduate Program in Education and Culture (PPGEDUC), in the lower Tocantins region, has brought about transformations by stimulating new organizations in state and municipal academic bodies, in the areas of Cultures and Languages, as well as and Policies and Societies.
Thus, considering the scientific and technological development we are going through, guided by the globalization process, the PPGEDUC constitutes a means to promote and integrate economically, socially, culturally and educationally the graduates of the Master's course. This particularity has been materialized by the demand of people who have already graduated from the undergraduate courses offered by UFPA – Campus Universitário do Tocantins/Cametá, seeking to qualify even more, in relation to employment, from the academic master's course.
Therefore, when it comes to the social impact of the PPGEDUC/UFPA, the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge in various fields of knowledge stand out, with the aim of providing better living conditions for those involved in this process of knowledge construction. , mainly to riverine peoples, quilombolas, indigenous people and rural settlers. This facet has also been worked on to integrate the potential of teaching, research and extension, whose organizing principles are responsibility, ethics and biological, cultural and linguistic diversity, factors that aim to guarantee the full exercise of citizenship, comprising a formation critical-reflective, investigative and humanistic.
Based on the indicators of enrollment demands in the PPGEDUC/UFPA selection process, in recent years, we have signaled a growing demand in relation to the Doctoral Course in Education and Culture, considering that, in 2019, we had a total of 132 enrolled for the selection process, in 2020, 148 enrolled, and in 2021 there were 347 enrolled, this also demonstrates the growing demand and demand for the Graduate Program in Education and Culture at UFPA, and the importance of consolidating the program in the northern region of the country.