Regional development

The PPGEDUC is inserted in the context of the University Campus of Tocantins-Cametá (CUNTINS) of UFPA, academic unit of the institution that serves the municipalities of the Cametá Microregion and also other locations in the state of Pará. The campus acts as an important agent in the development of the region in which it is, offering nine undergraduate courses and one postgraduate course at Master’s level. It is important to highlight that of the nine courses offered by CUNTINS, seven are focused on education. In this way, the implementation of the Program is the result of a process of expansion of the qualification possibilities of the teaching professionals who carry out their activities in the region. The Program is seen as a potentiator in the consolidation of quality education in the Amazon. The creation of PPGEDUC seeks to promote the production and socialization of knowledge that enables the education professional and related areas to read and interpret reality, so that it can devise appropriate intervention strategies for the context in which they find themselves. In this case, the Amazon context.